The Proposals

We will continue to work up any plans together with our members and with the local community. While we know lots of people love living in Lower Falinge and College Bank, we also know this is not the case for everyone; unfortunately some people no longer want to move in or remain living here, and many people have welcomed the opportunity to move.

We looked at a number of options, which included continuing to manage College Bank and Lower Falinge as they were, demolishing some existing homes and replacing them, and extra investment to improve the existing homes to make them better for people living in them now and in the future.

We considered the different options, spoke to our residents and held a number of workshop events, and drop-ins. The proposals recognise the investment needs of College Bank and Lower Falinge and look to provide good quality housing options for current residents and future generations as well as wider benefits for the local community. The proposals include better quality homes, improving connections to the town centre, having open, shared spaces for people to enjoy and helping make Rochdale Town Centre a place where people of all ages choose to live.

Above all, we always want to ensure we are considering our existing and future residents and to support our residents to have the best opportunities.

College Bank

Our investment in College Bank could result in three blocks staying in the neighbourhood and being fully modernised. New development could replace the four remaining blocks, with improved connections to the town centre

Lower Falinge

In Lower Falinge, we are looking at options to provide improvements to existing homes as well as building new homes of different types and sizes, and improving open spaces and the routes in and around the neighbourhood.