High-Rise Homes

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, we understand many residents at College Bank may have concerns and questions regarding fire safety in the towers.

All seven blocks at College Bank meet all current fire safety standards and each block has a full fire risk assessment in place. In addition, in the period 2016/2017 we invested in excess of £300,000 in a programme of fire safety upgrades at College Bank, including the fitting of emergency lighting, replacement bin hoppers and upgrades to a number of existing fire doors.

We review our fire risk assessments for College Bank on an annual basis. In consultation with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, we reviewed our evacuation procedures following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. GMFRS have confirmed that our existing procedures are appropriate. Our advice to residents remains:

  • If there is a fire in your flat, leave the flat immediately, closing all doors behind you if it is safe to do so, and raise the alarm.
  • If there is a fire elsewhere in the block, the safest option is to remain in your flat. This is because the blocks are specifically designed to support this approach in the event of a fire; however, this does not prevent you from evacuating the building should you wish to do so.

As further details emerge about the nature and cause of the fire at Grenfell Tower we will be making sure that we fully consider any lessons for the future of College Bank and the options we are currently considering for further investment and modernisation. We will continue to meet and work with the Council and other partners as further lessons emerge.

As always, we would encourage residents to report any hazards or concerns that they may have to us, so that they can be investigated and resolved.  Issues can be reported through to RBH in a number of ways including by telephoning our contact centre on Freephone 0800 027 7769, by email at customerexperience@rbh.org.uk or in person to your local neighbourhood housing officer and caretaking teams.

Click the above image to download a copy of our Fire Safety information leaflet.