Asbestos removal at College Bank

We’ve received a number of questions about the asbestos removal work at College Bank. This is part of our fire door replacement programme. We are very grateful for the patience and understanding of residents while we carry out this essential safety work. The work is scheduled for all seven blocks and as of 12th April 2022 we have already completed this work on around 40 floors over three different blocks.

The asbestos is being removed from above the doors of the bin chute room and the rising meter cupboards on the landings. We are replacing the asbestos panels with a fire-resistant board until the new doors are installed later this year.

Residents have been informed of the work in advance as they will need to leave the floor on the day of the work to make sure that they are safe. We use an accredited asbestos removal company, and we have submitted detailed safety and evacuation procedures at the start of the works in accordance with regulations.

Our contractor uses a three-stage air lock system which keeps the area under negative pressure and prevents any particles of asbestos remaining in the air once removed. After the asbestos has been removed and the area cleaned, we carry out air sampling tests to ensure no fibres remain. Once the air sampling is completed, residents can return to their homes and the process will continue on the next floor the following day.