An update for College Bank residents: January 2022

In line with our promise to keep residents informed first, this week we have written to everyone in College Bank to share the latest information with them.

This letter confirms our intention to proceed with refurbishment of the Underwood block – we have committed £12m in our upcoming budgets to carry out this refurbishment. We are looking forward to working together with College Bank residents to work up the detail of the refurbishment plans. This is an extensive refurbishment and residents will need to move while the works are carried out – we are sharing this information a year in advance to enable us to work with residents on their temporary moves. We hope to be able to accommodate residents within Mardyke and Holland Rise.

Our plans for College Bank – BBC Manchester

This morning, our plans for College Bank were featured on BBC Manchester’s breakfast show. Below is a copy of the short statement we provided ahead of the broadcast.

We want to make sure that current College Bank residents and future generations have the quality and type of homes they need and deserve in central Rochdale.

Many College Bank residents supported the proposals which RBH developed with the community in 2017, and over 80% of residents have already moved in the first phase of rehousing. However, we know that such a major change can be very difficult, especially for long standing residents. That is why as well as a financial package we have put in place dedicated, personalised support – ensuring we help each resident with every aspect of their move.

The cost of refurbishing all seven blocks at College Bank is over £90m – this figure was confirmed last year by an independent report commissioned by the Council itself.  We do not have access to this level of investment, but we have been clear that if the Council does and wants to invest the money needed then that is an option. We made this offer 22 months ago and it still stands. To date the Council has not come forward with any plan or proposal.