A community update for residents in Lower Falinge

There is a lot going on in Lower Falinge and in line with our commitment to keep the community updated, we want to share this news with you. Together with Rochdale Borough Council, we have been successful in securing an extra £1.49m in grant funding. This will enable us to deliver additional improvements within Lower Falinge, and to bring forward some of the work we had already planned!

We’ve circulated a community update to all residents, and you can also download a copy of the update via the link below.

The New Pioneers Programme is expanding from today!

The Rochdale New Pioneers Programme is officially expanding from today, Wednesday 17th November, to work with more residents in Lower Falinge, College Bank, and Heywood. Supported by a grant from the Government’s Community Renewal Fund, the Programme will support 90 people over the coming months, expanding our New Pioneer community in College Bank and Falinge and building a New Pioneer community in Heywood. We’re excited to be able to continue our fantastic partnership with Rochdale Borough Council to deliver this programme.

Our team will be working in the community over the coming weeks to sign-up residents to become New Pioneers to work with the Programme, supporting their wellbeing, health, skills and employment prospects. We are looking for residents who may be out of work, or in insecure or part-time work who are interested into moving into long-term, rewarding careers in the future.

New Pioneers can expect to receive support from our Career Brokers, providing them with flexible, personalised, intensive support to improve their wellbeing, health and skills, helping them to find and achieve their long term aspirations. They will receive 1-1 support and mentoring as well as becoming part of a growing New Pioneer community, building community cohesion, resilience as well as a peer network supporting each other.

You can contact the team to find out more, to suggest potential referrals, or to enquire about becoming a New Pioneer yourself. Contact Daisy Silva on 01706 926617 or 07866 143999, or alternatively by e-mail to daisy.silva2@rochdale.gov.uk.