Community Together – May 2021 special edition

Our aim is to deliver high quality social housing in Rochdale town centre, with a better mix of types of homes for current and future local residents to support a better quality of life. This will include specialist homes for older people as well as new houses and new and refurbished apartments. We have guaranteed that all residents who need to move will be able to stay in the town centre if they wish to do so, in the same type of home with the same tenancy rights.

Residents have told us they wish to understand the timescale for future moves as part of the regeneration plans set out in 2017, and on Tuesday 18th May we provided an update to residents about the next phases of rehousing. This is in line with the Government roadmap which means we can now provide face to face support to those who need it.

In addition to writing to residents directly, we have distributed a special May 2021 edition of our Community Together newsletter with details of the next phases of rehousing. You can download a copy of this newsletter (including a text only version) below.