Update on works at Lower Falinge

As our plans for redevelopment in the town centre progress, we are now ready to move on to the next stage of works in Lower Falinge, and our demolition contractor, Connell Brothers (Demolition), began setting up site from Monday 15th April to begin works to strip out some blocks in phase three ready for demolition later in the year.

You are likely to notice some increased traffic around Kirkstall and Lindisfarne blocks, as these are the two blocks we will be concentrating on first.

Over the next coming weeks, we would expect that you will see:

  • An increase in contractors and site traffic
  • Arrival of skips to be placed outside the blocks to be demolished – these will be placed within the boundary of the blocks and will not affect the footpaths.
  • The erection of fencing, formation and diversion of footpaths around the blocks.
  • Some walk ways may be closed off for short periods of time.

The working hours will be between 0800 and 1700, Monday to Friday. No weekend or evening work is envisaged for this project.

Please remember to be vigilant whilst walking and driving around the neighbourhood as there will be site traffic and workers. A speed limit may be in force and this will apply to all motorists, not just the contractors. A small number of parking bays around Kirkstall will be blocked off for use by the contractors.  This is to allow access for the skip wagons to regularly load and unload and help keep the area safe for residents.

At times, the rubbish chute at Johnston may not be accessible, but this will only be for short periods at a time.

You can report any concerns around the area of construction and demolition by:

  • calling RBH’s main Freephone number: 0800 027 7769
  • Visiting the regeneration drop in sessions which are held every Tuesday 10.00 – 12.00 at the Housing Office at Newstead.
  • Visiting the demolition contractors site office (during office hours) – Site Office 518 Abbeydale Lower Falinge.

We will make sure that we continue to update residents as work progresses.