Next steps for Mitchell Hey

In the summer of 2017, RBH set out long term proposals for improving the quality and mix of homes in the College Bank and Lower Falinge neighbourhoods. These proposals included some homes which would be demolished as part of the redevelopment.

On 26th March this year, we visited everybody in College Bank whose home is affected by these proposals to deliver a legal notice called an Initial Demolition Notice.

Mitchell Hey is the first phase of re-development at College Bank and we have already started conversations with residents in this block to discuss their rehousing needs and preferences and any support they may need to move home. A number of residents have told us that they would like to have written confirmation from RBH that we are now starting the rehousing process for residents in Mitchell Hey.

As a result of these requests from residents, this week we have sent a letter to all RBH tenants in Mitchell Hey providing this written confirmation that we have started the rehousing process in this block.

We understand that how much time residents need to move home will vary from household to household; some people will prefer to move sooner and won’t need a full year, and others will need the whole of this time. We recognise that people affected will need different levels and types of support at different times and we will make every effort to help and support them.

We know that this is an unsettling time for many residents and we are committed to offering personalised support to any residents who need it. Our dedicated project managers, Syed Hussain and Michelle Kelly, are on hand. You can contact Syed and Michelle on or by calling Freephone 0800 027 7769 (option 7).