College Bank Support Group

We continue to welcome comments, including critical ones, on our proposals for College Bank and Lower Falinge. However, we will not hesitate to challenge comments which are misleading or untrue.

We are also very concerned that over the past few weeks, we have also received complaints from a number of residents in College Bank who feel that they have been unduly harassed by the College Bank Support Group. We have asked that this group respect the wishes of the many residents who do not wish to get involved with their campaign and who wish to engage with RBH regarding their own future housing or the wider proposals. We will not tolerate conduct that causes residents undue distress at what we know is already a worrying and unsettling time.

We are also increasingly concerned at the apparent targeting of individuals and organisations who are working for and with RBH by people associated with this campaign group. This also includes the posting of incorrect and deliberately misleading information which appears designed to create unnecessary concerns and paint an inaccurate picture of RBH’s work in central Rochdale.