Help us to develop our residents’ deal

We want to make sure that any investment in College Bank and Lower Falinge is as successful as possible. That’s why we’re developing a Residents’ Deal and we need your help.

What is a Residents’ Deal?

The Residents’ Deal is important as it sets out what RBH promises to do for residents before, during and after any improvements in the neighbourhoods, as well as what residents promise to do.
These promises could relate to new homes and how they are let, support for residents, and how the neighbourhood is run. They could also cover wider issues such as how RBH will help residents learn new skills or get back into work.

Introducing Helen

Helen Nicol is helping to develop the Residents’ Deal and needs your help.

She is looking to speak to as many residents from College Bank and Lower Falinge as possible to give their views on what they would like to see as part of the Residents’ Deal now and in the future.

These commitments will help to ensure that residents’ needs are met and support the community throughout the regeneration, so that we can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Getting involved

Taking part in the Residents’ Deal may involve face-to-face meetings, a short survey or Facebook discussions. We are hoping these will take place over the next few weeks. We won’t ask for too much of your time and any meetings will be held in a convenient location.

If you are interested in taking part or would like further information, please email Helen at or call 0798 039 5866.