An update for residents: Abbeydale block

Last summer, RBH set out proposals for the community in College Bank and Lower Falinge which identified some homes which would be affected by demolition as part of these proposals.

In July this year we issued a legal notice called an Initial Demolition Notice to residents in the homes we expected to be affected by demolition in the next seven years, together with an explanation of what the notice means, and how residents can get in touch with us for further advice, support, or help.

At this time we also identified which homes would be affected by demolition as part of the next phase of development at Lower Falinge and since then we have been working with these households to support them through the rehousing process.

In July, it was not expected that the Abbeydale block would be included in the next phase of demolition. However, since then, it has become apparent that the condition of the ramp which residents use to access flats on the upper deck is in poor condition and needs a lot of repair work. It is safe to use now and residents can continue to use it, but we know that in the near future we may need to stop access to the ramp.

The cost of the repair work is very high and we don’t think it would be the best use of RBH money to repair the ramp when it will be demolished in the next few years. We want to help support people to be able to move before they are affected by lack of ramp access and we are therefore looking to include this block in the next phase of demolition. We have now been in touch with all the residents in this block about their rehousing needs, their preferences, and any support that they may need. We want to ensure that the right support is in place for residents, as we do with all residents who are affected by our proposals.