Lower Falinge demolition notices

In summer 2017, RBH set out proposals for the community in College Bank and Lower Falinge which identified some homes which would be affected by demolition as part of these proposals. We have been working over the last months to take forward our proposals to improve the quality and mix of homes available in the area, and we are now ready to start taking forward the next stage of the proposals in Lower Falinge.

One of our promises to the community was that any RBH tenant who needed to move would have at least a year’s notice of this.  One of the next steps in taking forward these proposals is to issue a legal notice called an Initial Demolition Notice to homes expected to be affected by demolition in the next five years.

This does not mean that demolition is about to start. It lets residents know, formally, that their home could be demolished within the next five years as part of the proposals.

As we know that the next phases of development will take place in Lower Falinge, we will be issuing these notices to the affected homes in this area first.

We plan to issue the Initial Demolition Notices in the coming months, so we wanted to give people whose homes are affected plenty of notice that this will be happening.

Today (Thursday 5th April) we have knocked on the doors of all affected residents so that we can let them know about this face-to-face, provide a copy of our information sheet about the notices and what they mean, answer questions and provide support before any formal legal notice is issued. Download our information sheet here: IDN Frequently Asked Questions April 2018 (PDF format).

We know we won’t have been able to catch everyone at home, so we have posted a calling card providing information on how residents can get in touch with us, including face to face, by email and telephone.