Help us to develop our residents’ deal

We want to make sure that any investment in College Bank and Lower Falinge is as successful as possible. That’s why we’re developing a Residents’ Deal and we need your help.

What is a Residents’ Deal?

The Residents’ Deal is important as it sets out what RBH promises to do for residents before, during and after any improvements in the neighbourhoods, as well as what residents promise to do.
These promises could relate to new homes and how they are let, support for residents, and how the neighbourhood is run. They could also cover wider issues such as how RBH will help residents learn new skills or get back into work.

Introducing Helen

Helen Nicol is helping to develop the Residents’ Deal and needs your help.

She is looking to speak to as many residents from College Bank and Lower Falinge as possible to give their views on what they would like to see as part of the Residents’ Deal now and in the future.

These commitments will help to ensure that residents’ needs are met and support the community throughout the regeneration, so that we can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Getting involved

Taking part in the Residents’ Deal may involve face-to-face meetings, a short survey or Facebook discussions. We are hoping these will take place over the next few weeks. We won’t ask for too much of your time and any meetings will be held in a convenient location.

If you are interested in taking part or would like further information, please email Helen at or call 0798 039 5866.

Consultation update and next steps

Thank you to everyone that came to our workshop before Christmas to view and discuss the latest information on our proposals for College Bank and Lower Falinge. A summary of the feedback we received will be available on this website shortly.

In the meantime, we are using your comments to help us develop more detail, including the type and design of the new homes, improvements to retained homes, investment in the wider neighbourhood and facilities.

We will then be organising another workshop within the coming months to show this information to the local community and to gather more feedback.

All of the information and comments received at this stage will be used to develop a ‘detailed planning application’ for the next phase of development at Lower Falinge. This will include information on how the area would be designed, green and open spaces, the layout and number of new homes as well as the materials used to build them.

Residents will be invited to view the details of this planning application before it is submitted, which we anticipate will be in Spring 2018.

We will also be preparing an ‘outline planning application’ for the wider development area at Lower Falinge. This will set out the principles of future development, so will include high level information only.

The outline planning application is due to be submitted later this year and will involve more consultation with the local community over the coming months. If this is approved by Rochdale Borough Council, we will then need to work up more detailed information and also get this approved by the planning department.

View our “next steps” summary page.

Lifts at Mitchell Hey

UPDATE (Tuesday 6th February, 16:30): we are pleased to report that one of the lifts at Mitchell Hey is now operational. Thank you to residents for their patience and apologies again for the inconvenience.

Over the weekend there was a fire in a flat in Mitchell Hey, College Bank. The fire was contained within the flat of origin and quickly put out, and thankfully no-one was hurt.

Unfortunately, during fire fighting operations a considerable amount of water entered the lift shafts. Due to water damage, the lifts at Mitchell Hey are currently not working. Our team are working as quickly as they can alongside our lift contractor to get the lifts back into operation, and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We have been contacting residents to keep them updated, and providing support to those residents who are unable to get out using the stairs.

If you live in Mitchell Hey and need any additional assistance, please contact our Rochdale North team on or by freephone 0800 027 7769 (option 6).

Spotlight on: new shared ownership homes in Middleton

RBH is committed to developing new homes across the Borough of Rochdale, and improving the quality and mix of homes in neighbourhoods. Our new homes are widely recognised for their high quality; last year our new Extra Care scheme, Hare Hill in Littleborough, was the overall winner in the Rochdale Borough Design Awards, and our new homes in Heywood and Kirkholt have been shortlisted for this year’s Design Awards prize. We also have great feedback from the tenants of our new homes.

As part of this commitment, last week we received planning permission for new affordable homes in Middleton, in the shape of 25 new homes for shared ownership in Hollin. The plans will deliver much-needed new affordable homes in Middleton, with the development of 21 new three-bedroom and four two-bedroom family homes on vacant land between Hazelhurst Drive and Tintern Road. The homes are funded by RBH with the support of a grant from Homes England.

The new scheme will also include a brand new linear park, delivering improved public open space for new and existing residents, together with a safer and more secure pedestrian route through the site.

We are delighted to receive permission for these new homes, which will be our first shared ownership homes as a mutual housing society. These homes will allow local families and first-time buyers to take their first steps into home ownership. We have received a lot of interest from local residents in Middleton who are interested in hearing more about shared ownership and purchasing one of the new homes.

Having a better mix and different types of homes for rent and sale is a key part of our vision for Central Rochdale. We hope that shared ownership will form part of that vision and provide residents of the town centre the opportunity to access affordable homeownership.