College Bank caretaking update

The RBH Caretaking Team on College Bank are currently piloting a new way of delivering their service. RBH has not reduced the number of caretakers at College Bank, we’ve just asked them to work in a different way. We now have three caretaking teams working on College Bank.

These are:

  1. Our Basement, Foyer and Inspection Team, whose main role is to carry out fire inspections of every block every day, reporting repairs and reporting any caretaking jobs. This team is also responsible for carrying out any duties relating to the basement, foyer and outside areas.
  2. Our Clean Team, who will cover 26 landings and back stairs each day. This will ensure all landings and stairwells are cleaned on College Bank over a five working day period. Their work may also include responding to issues identified by the Basement, Foyer and Inspection Team.
  3. Our Hit Team, who will undertake bulk removals, jobs identified by the Basement, Foyer and Inspection Team and respond to any ad-hoc or emergency jobs.

We believe that the new system will deliver a better service and a brighter, cleaner College Bank. This is a pilot scheme and we know that we may need to make a few tweaks, the same as with any new way of doing things.

If you’d like to bring an issue to the attention of the Caretakers, you can call Freephone 0800 027 7769 (option 1) or e-mail

More information about our caretaking service is available on the RBH website.