Lower Falinge

In Lower Falinge, we know that there are residents who enjoy living there but unfortunately, many people are no longer choosing to move to this neighbourhood.

We want to explore how we could change this, and make Lower Falinge a place where people from all generations want to live and are proud to call home.

From our work so far, we have explored lots of options such as providing new windows and doors in retained flats and providing private gardens for ground-floor flats.

As well as looking at building new homes of different types and sizes we would improve open spaces, with better lighting and a play area; give residents better parking; and improve the routes in and around the neighbourhood for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, making it easier to get around. We would also look at new pedestrian crossing points to St Mary’s Gate.

Above all, we always want to ensure we are considering our existing and future residents and to support our residents to have the best opportunities.

The Vision

Supporting the wider regeneration of Rochdale with significant investment.